A dive into the concepts, problems & solutions

Overview of the current challenges in the development process & proposed concepts that will be materialized from idea to inception

[P] Problem

Dapp development and contract deployment can be a tricky task to navigate around and many of the projects that want to utilize such tech either have to be fluent in the underlying knowledge to create/build or have to pay out a hefty sum for development costs.

[S] Solution

To build a comprehensive suite of dApp, Smart contract and Website deployments with maximum room for customization simplifying the process for Expert developers in addition to cutting costs and opening opportunities for non-experienced owners wanting to create applications and contracts without the price tag or safety compromises / backdoors from shady developers.


DApp AI technologies aims to bring 3 core products to the market to aid with and simplify the development process for Websites, DApps and EVM compatible smart Contracts by means of easy to use online interfaces and the utilization of specifically crafted telegram bots made with simplicity for the user in mind.

Please be advised that the above statements are foundational and as time goes on the products, ways of approaching the solutions for the development process will evolve and not be confined to what is mentioned initially in this Abstract.

The Documentation will be updated every Quarter to keep up with the forever evolving landscape.

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